Fall 2020 Encouragement

Pastor Anthony Richards, one of our campus pastors and Directional Leadership Team members, shares an encouragement to you as pastors on how to continue strong giving during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Meet leaders from our church and other churches, ask questions, and get ideas!

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Kingdom Builders

Our over & above giving at River Valley is called Kingdom Builders. In the past decade God has used our church to give over 40 million dollars to projects all around the globe. That number is gigantic but it started with a few thousand. Watch our masterclass series from Pastor Rob Ketterling as he teaches Kingdom Builders.

Recent Fundraising Videos

Seed Company

Bible translation project.

Inner City Life Center & MNTC

Raising money for inner city ministries in Minneapolis.


A digital ministry reaching millions online.

Venture - Thank You Video

Rescuing women & children.

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